The Reykjavík Energy Company

The landowners of Mjóanes and their tenants. The landowner of Riðvík and Markartangi, The Reykjavík Energy Company.

The Icelandic Swimming Association

The Icelandic Swimming Association recognizes the Thingvallasund swim event, maintains records of accomplishment and issues certificates of accomplishment upon completion of the swim event. The certificate of accomplishment shall state the route of the swim, the duration of the swim and the participant’s swimwear. If a participant has not used any kind of ointment and only approved swimwear in accordance with the rules of the FINA then these facts shall be stated on the certificate of accomplishment as per the participant’s statement. The SSI (ISA) shall keep a record of all of the names of the participants who have received a certificate of accomplishment. The Thingvallasund swim event complies with the rules and regulations issued by the SSI for open water swimming.

The Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue

Extensive on-site safety and security management is in the hands of the ICE-SAR and their local representative, the Eyrarbakki Search and Rescue Team who will provide 8 rescue boats, each with a crew of three SAR personnel. A SAR vehicle will be on standby as an ambulance with a crew of a ambulance paramedic, a SAR team member and a SAR driver.

The Eyrarbakki Search and Rescue Team

The Eyrarbakki Search and Rescue Team will provide extensive on-site safety and security management.

The Thingvellir National Park

The Thingvellir National Park.

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