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In 2002 (August 7th) Mr. Kristinn Magnússon became the second man to swim across Lake Þingvallavatn.

The swim across Lake Þingvallavatn was my final preparatory swim before swimming to the Vestmannaeyjar islands in the summer of 2002. In that year I swam to Engey island, Viðey island, across Hvalfjörður fjord, to Drangey island and across Lake Þingvallavatn but I had to postpone my swim to the Vestmannaeyjar islands due to harsh weather conditions.

I began my Lake Þingvallavatn swim from Nesjavellir, unlike Fylkir, to be the first to swim north across the lake. I made good progress to begin with until I was about half way across the lake. Then I encountered a strong oncoming current from the depths which took a lot of effort to overcome. I was overturned by wave action a few times. At last I reached shore at Mjóanesoddi. The lake Þingvallavatn swim is the toughest yet most pleasing open water swim that I have ever swam in crystal clear, well tasting water. The swim is the experience of a lifetime not soon to be forgotten.

I want to thank Mr. Hrafnkell Marinósson and the Hafnarfjörður Rescue Team for their assistance during the swim.


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